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Are you still spending a lot of time looking for reliable hearing aid manufacturers or suppliers? From now on, choosing AUSTAR Hearing means doing business directly with a top hearing aid manufacturer. This not only saves you time and cost but also has the following advantages:

20+ years of experience: Founded in 2003, AUSTAR Hearing is the best hearing aid manufacturer in China, with more than 20 years of production experience, specializing in R&D, production and sales of hearing aids.

CE, ISO and FDA certified: AUSTAR® is the best hearing aid brand in China, with CE 1639, ISO 13485 and FDA certificates, as well as invention patents to ensure that the hearing aids are of high quality.

Directly from hearing aid manufacturer: Choosing AUSTAR Hearing means doing business directly with professional hearing aid manufacturers without middlemen, with more competitive prices and more satisfactory after-sales service.

We provide agents with the best-selling hearing aid products in the market to help our customers always be competitive in the market. We have a wide range of hearing aid types, including popular over-the-counter (OTC) rechargeable hearing aids, which are affordable, reliable, and suitable for deaf people with mild to severe hearing loss. The OTC and programmable hearing aids are ideal for online hearing aid companies, hearing clinics, brand owners and wholesale distributors, OEM/ ODM available.

All in all, if you are looking for top hearing aid manufacturers or suppliers for your new business, please tell us your needs and we are here to help.

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Why choose Austar Hearing?

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Why choose us?

Products and technology

Austar Hearing is the first Chinese hearing aid company that has completely independently developed high-performance audio signal processing algorithm technology. We provide a wide range of hearing aid types to meet different market needs. Durable, practical, and tested to the highest standards, China Austar hearing aids are truly affordable hearing aids. We have CE 1639, ISO 13485, FDA and invention patent certificates.

AUSTAR® brand

AUSTAR is the best hearing aid brand in China, which means you can source hearing aids with confidence because of their reliable quality. AUSTAR hearing aids are favored and praised by customers all over the world due to their excellent quality, punctual delivery and satisfactory after-sales service.

Hearing aid prices

The hearing aid price is related to your MOQ. We offer the most competitive hearing aid prices on the market, allowing you to purchase cost-effective products within a reasonable budget and benefit from them.

OEM/ODM service

We provide hearing aid OEM and ODM services, which means that Chinese AUSTAR hearing aid manufacturer will OEM for you to meet your specific needs and specifications.

Satisfactory after-sales service

100% contract performance rate. We provide professional hearing aid technical support, after-sales service, warranty service, etc., so that you can worry-free after sale!

Become hearing aid distributor/agent

Whether you are a hearing clinic, hospital, pharmacy, brand owner, reseller, wholesaler, or online retailer, you can become our distributor/agent and benefit from importing hearing aids from China Austar Hearing.

Win-win cooperation

The hearing aid market is a rapidly growing market, and as the population aging trend continues to intensify, the demand for hearing aids will continue to increase. Therefore, we provide distributors with the best selling hearing aids in the market, helping our customers to always be competitive in the market. If you are looking for a reliable Chinese hearing aid manufacturers or suppliers and establish a long-term and stable trust partnership with it, Austar Hearing is your first choice, contact us now, let us cooperate and win-win.

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Company field scenes

AUSTAR office building

AUSTAR executives for a group photo

Group photo of AUSTAR new product launch

Hearing aid production workshop

Offices and workshops

We have a large-scale professional hearing aid production base in Xiamen, China, covering an area of about 12,000 square meters, with about 400 employees. Welcome to visit our factory to build trust and cooperation.

Are you more interested in programmable hearing aids?

In addition to our popular rechargeable over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, we also offer up to 48 channels of programmable hearing aids that are more suitable for offline store sales.

Wireless Programmable Hearing Aids

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IA Wireless Programmable Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Programmable hearing aids

Programmable Bluetooth hearing aids

As the leader of professional hearing aid manufacturers in China, AUSTAR has the latest professional hearing aid algorithms and new hearing aid fitting software, providing the most professional customized hearing compensation solutions for professional hearing aid fitters and hearing-impaired people around the world.


AUSTAR Hearing is a reliable hearing aid manufacturer in China with CE, ISO 13485, FDA and invention patent certificates.

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